• Name: Jeanette Rosa 
  •  Sign: Virgo
  •  Home Town: Hialeah, Fl
  •  Current City: Homestead, Fl, 
  •  Ethnicity: Cuban Honduran American
  •  Occupation: Paralegal 

 My FAVORITE_____.

  • Color: Black but I gravitate to Fuschia and red.
  • Candy: Snickers
  • Go to Outfit: Black legging and V neck Tee. Been digging comfort and simplicity.

 I feel my sexiest _____.

  • Fresh balayage,  blow out and soft beach curls.  Accompanied in my favorite black dress 

 My Perfect Date includes_____.

  • A great meal  with a drink. Titos, Tequila, or Sparkling wine are my favorite.

 My life would be nothing without?

  • My husband, family and drink at hand.